Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snorkeling and reality

Today I went with some friends to Gressholmen, one of the islands right outside Oslo. It was a very nice day and I had the chance to do some snorkeling. I'm surprised that the ocean floor around the island here is very beatiful, I wasn't expecting much and I got this very beatiful scenery with starfishes, crabs and other sort of fishes. I look forward to go back again and do some more snorkeling, although next time I'll get myself a wet suite since the water was a little bit cold and I couldn't stay too long there.
When I returned home I received an email from my friend Catalina. She's a very dear friend of mine who lives in Chile and she always has a way to explain things to me so I understand them. Her email was very direct, as most of her emails are, but it was so illuminating. I asked her opinion about some things and she's right on target, I wish I could just listen to her and follow her advice but knowing me as good as I know myself.....