Saturday, May 28, 2011


Jet lag, the killer of travelers.... well, I think I have traveled too much because I'm getting jet lag proof. For work purposes I had to come to Boston (Cambridge actually) and after clearing immigration and taking a shower I was dutifully working at 15:00. Not only that, the next day I was training like I do in Norway (well... not as usual because in Norway I don't get up at 07:00).
So, I was thinking about what are the tricks to avoid jet lag and I came with a few suggestions:
1. Plan ahead. It all resorts to sleeping, when going west avoid sleeping (or don't do it for longer than one hour on the plane). When going east sleep as much as you can because you'll arrive ahead of your timezone. So in the days before your trip you need to start shortening or lengthening your sleeping.
2. Be a man and don't listen to your stomach. Truth being said, the stomach is the hardest part when adjusting to a new timezone. The stomach has its routines and it does not like changing them. When arriving to a new destination just eat when everybody else is eating, even if you are not hungry. And keep a small chocolate bar next to your bed in case your stomach decides to take revenge on your disobedience.
I think those two are the main things, if you have any jet lag avoiding tricks that you want to share I'll be happy to hear them.