Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm in Finland, in the beautiful city of Tampere. I'm here for work purposes and most of my days here have been in meetings so I haven't had the opportunity of touring it around. On the geeky side, Tampere's airport code is 'tmp' so this is the only official "temporal airport" that I know of (if you don't get it you're not geek enough).
The weather around here is very cold and it seems that winter is already "ad portas" in Scandinavia. The very good thing around here is the fact that finns love saunas and there are saunas everywhere, it is some sort of "basic right" for every finn.
Today I'm going to have my first "tour of the city" since I'm going to meet my friend Philippe who just arrived from vacations in Belgium.

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Joel said...

maestro !!

vi que pasaste por Chile... que lastima que ni supe... pero bue.. ojala el descanso haya sido muy bueno

cuidate !! y estamos en contacto