Saturday, April 25, 2009


While surfing the net I happened to land on some blogs of expats living in my country. While it is nice to read about impressions of people living in your country it is also interesting to see that people usually make the same mistakes as you do. So in order to collaborate to world peace I decided to use the little experience I have as a country-hopper-expat and write some advices for blogging about other countries:
1. Remember you are living in another country, what is normal for you might not be normal at all there and vice versa. Don't make judgments.
2. No country is perfect, not even your country.
3. It does not matter how well you speak another language, natives will always recognize you as a foreigner.
4. Be polite and try not to offend people.
5. Being an expat means that you decided to go and live somewhere else. If you don't like what you see, either help to fix it or move on.

These rules are harder to follow than what they seem. I find myself breaking them all the time, but if one tries to follow them you'll see how much your perception changes and how much natives start improving their perception of you.

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