Sunday, June 27, 2010

To be or not to be?

This old Shakespeare quote summarizes my state of mind these days. I'm in the middle of deciding what to do in my life and I'm torn between two decisions. On one hand I have things that I liked mixed with things that I don't like and in the other hand I have a lot of uncertainty.
The question is more on the lines, where should you give up? Is it worth to fight for something that might not happen? Is it worst to know that you gave up without a fight? The problem is I am getting tired of being the one fighting. I am getting tired of being told that things are going to change for the best and then face the reality and see that nothing that matters has really changed. I am tired of having to pretend that things are better when they are not. I am tired of hearing that is only for now, when is not only for now. Things have only gotten worse.
Should I just say enough? Should I give it one more try?

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manuel said...

Hola Carlos,

leí tu mensaje y pensé: Sip, asi es ! Te haz preguntado si acaso es algo malo ?
Curiosamente me encuentro en una situación muy similar actualmente, aunque tal vez el tema en si sea otro. Cuando se da la posibilidad de decir de que algo no es un problema, doy las gracias, y salud por eso.
Arriba ese ánimo !

Muchos Saludos,