Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kangaroo Hoppet

We are in Australia because I wanted to participate in the kangaroo hoppet ski race. I will write another entry regarding my impressions about Australia, this one is focused on the race. The race is hosted at the lovely little town called Falls Creek. The town is at 1600 meters over sea level. The race starts at a place called nordic bowl and ends on the same place. Since it is a race in the mountains, conditions are fairly unpredictable. This year they shortened the race from 42 to 30 kilometers because of the weather conditions. The course changes every year to make the best out of the snow and the prevailing weather. This year was windy, very windy and the race was extra hard because of that. If you decide to come here you need to be prepared for everything. We decided to hire skis instead of bringing ours. I got zero skis because the temperature was going to be around zero degrees. It turns out that it was icy, so Ihad no grip. Tip: the only ones that hire decent racing equipment are 200 kilometers away, so you need to order in advance and they will deliver to your hotel. They are called wodonga snowgum. All in all it was a nice experience, and I recommend it.

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