Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hiking on the snow

This week was a very intense week because many things had to be ready before the holliday, so I needed a break. So today, with two colleagues we went hiking out in the snow. I must say, there is snow in Oslo already but we decided to take the same route we have hiked before (without snow) and see how it looks like with snow.
First thing, lakes are frozen and we walked over three of them.
Second thing, for the snow lovers there is still not enough snow. However there was one ski slope open, and people were skiing.
Third thing, the landscape looks very nice with snow. We missed two turns so we had to take different routes, but in the end we managed to get to our destination. It was very interesting and I liked it very much.
On the side note, I'm so glad that I bought this military outfit in the US from the army surplus. It was a real advantage to be able to just go through with this Goretex suit without having to worry about the snow or the coldness.

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