Sunday, December 30, 2007

Painting and more

This weekend I decided to start phase two of operation "Painting my apartment". So last thursday I went to Maxbo (kinda norwegian version of Home Depot), and bought some paint. Since now I'm painting the entrance hall I decided to go with a not so common color so I choose violet for the wall and purple for the finishings. Yesterday I started the painting process and so far it looks very well.
Continuing with the improvements to my apartment I also went to Ikea and bought some furniture I was in need, and of course I bought more than what I needed but it does not matter my apartment is going to be very cool.
So, all this made me wonder what's going on... I mean, I'm improving my apartment, I'm buying furniture that matches with what I have and with the colors I'm using... so far, every time I bought something there was a clear practical reason for it, but this time it seems that is basically because I'm happy and I just want to make my apartment nicer. Maybe it's the norwegian winter, maybe it's the fact that I really like it here, maybe it's a combination of those and more reasons, but no matter what I'm doing it.
On a side track, yesterday I received an email from somebody I thought I would never hear from again. It is curious how you can try to bury some things in your head and in your heart just to realize that some things are stronger than what you think. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to hear from that person, it's just that it really surprised me. We used to be very good friends and for my blindness and dumbness we part on different ways (even different countries) for a long time. Hopefully this time things might turn out better.

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