Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last tuesday I decided to join some people from the office and go to ski. For the records, previous to that date I have never skied before so I bought some ski clothes and I decided that I will give it a try before buying skies and boots.
I had a lot of fun! It must be said that I hit the ground like 2,000,000 times, that I crashed two persons (one random person and one friend that was trying to teach me) and I even crashed the ski lift house.... I don't know if the rest were ashamed of me and my lack of skills for ski but I had a lot of fun.
On the weird side, after crashing the guy I didn't know we managed to switch skies and I only noticed when I went to return my skies and the guy in the counter told me that I was the other guy because I was returning a pair of skies of different size!
The good thing is that I liked it very much, so I'm looking forward for part 2 of learning to ski!

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