Wednesday, December 3, 2008

La Bamba

Together with some colleagues, we have a small band and we play music from time to time. For instance we played for the company' Christmas party and everybody liked it. After our success there we decided to look for another venues where to play and since there is at least one bar in Oslo where there are Jam sessions, last tuesday we decided to go on a scouting mission.
Overall, it is very good. The music is ok and the people is very nice.
While there and listening to the music we decided to ask the bartender about how to do it in order to play music. He pointed to the drummer and said that we needed to talk to him. Since he was playing we waited for the break to talk to him. When the break came, we went and talk to him. Basically the requirements are pretty easy, come here and talk to me. They have instruments and you can bring your own if you want. For bands the only problem is to get there early to have everything set up in advance. The funny thing was that while talking to him, he asked if we wanted to sing something and he convinced me to sing "La Bamba". It was a very nice experience and despite me not being the best singer in the world I enjoyed it very much. So next week we plan to go there again and this time, we'll play a few songs. Stay tunned for more info!

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