Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maxbo sucks!

Two days ago I bought a small hose to connect my washing machine to the water supply. It seemed like a pretty easy thing to do, and something you will expect to find in a store the size of Maxbo. I went there after my work, and I asked for help. They told me they didn't have one, but that I could try the hoses for showers and bring it back if the size was wrong. It seemed like a good solution for me so I did that. When I arrived home I realized that the shower hoses are different since they have one side that is smaller than the other, besides they are not made to handle the pressure that a washing machine hose can. So, I packed it the best I could and today I went back to Maxbo to ask for my money back. Notice that I bought it on thursday, unpacked it and try to connect it to the hose I didn't do anything to the hose. The person handling returns told me that he couldn't accept the hose back because I had opened the bag.... I told him that I was told to do that and try to see if it was the right size and if not I should bring it back. He refused again and said that if I wanted to do that I shouldn't have cut the small ties they use to pack them (notice that those small laces are plastic, incredibly tight and besides they are cheap and they have them everywhere they need to pack hoses or cables). I told the guy how I was supposed to try the hose if I was not supposed to remove those laces. He refused again and told me that he didn't have the authority to refund me (hello, you are handling the returns section of the store...) so I needed to come back on Monday when his boss was around. Of course I asked at what time his boss was there and I'll go on monday to get my money back.
Of course, after all this Maxbo just lost a customer.

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