Saturday, June 30, 2012

On being in a good shape and training

And there it came the 27th, and there it went! The test was taken and the results were very promising. I'm in better shape than what I thought, although there is room for improvements (isn't always the case?). I also took a "subjective" test, trying to go 15 kilometers in one hour on my skis, and I almost made it. I was short by 40 meters. Given that the tunnel is pretty hard and I had to go six times around it, I'm very satisfied with the results. This is looking very good for next winter. So what comes now? Well, now there will be more focus on interval training although without abandoning my traditional 17.5 kilometers run every friday. What I noticed is that I need to improve my speed, so cruise intervals will be a big part of my training menu.

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