Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ski tunnel

Since I had to take one week of vacations I decided to spend it in the little swedish called Torsby. It is right next to the border and there is not much to do, except that they built a ski tunnel and excellent training facilities for people that wants to focus on cross country skiing. I had been here before, mostly in 2010 when I was preparing like crazy for Vasaloppet 2011 (and I got the worst results ever!). This time I'm focusing more on technique than in 2010. My plan is to train two times a day and to take a test on the 27th. The test is called "lactic acid threshold" and it helps to find out the exact moment when your body generates more lactic acid than it can absorb. Side note. Yesterday and today while training I saw Daniel Tynell, who is also training here. I chatted a little with him and he seems to be a very nice person.

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