Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yesterday and today I've been painting my apartment, it has been an interesting experience.
So far, only my bedroom is being painted in the future I plan to paint the living room, the hallway and the kitchen. It's interesting to see how things change with a little color, my apartment was originally "hospital white", which means that it was almost colorless. Now my bedroom is yellow and you can tell right away that it looks much better and much more alive than before. I still have to finish some details but I can say that it's almost done.
One thing that I noticed is, why am I doing this? meaning why do I go through all the pain of painting my bedroom? It's quite an interesting question, but the answer so far is because I really like where I am now, and I really like the life that I have so I would like to establish here and that's why I paint my apartment to start the process.

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