Saturday, October 6, 2007

Vikings, elves and... Trolls :-)

19 days ago I started a new face on my life, I left the US and my previous job, and I moved to Norway looking for new challenges.
I have to admit, if you are a developer and you work in the US you probably earn more money than you will in other parts of the world, although cost of living there is really expensive.
I also have to acknowledge that working for Microsoft was a great experience because of all the things that I learned. It has to be said that working for such a humungus company makes you open your eyes and pay attention to how they manage to do something at all.
That being said, my stay here in Norway has been great so far. The country is beautiful, the people is friendly and my job is great. Finally I am working for open source again, which make me feel really good.
People in Norway seem to be very elvish, I was expecting to find lots of viking looking people, but people here is more elvish than anything. Of course, walking around I've seen viking looking people, but so far (probably because I've been mainly in Oslo) they don't seem to be too many.
I do not belong to any of those categories, since my new employer is Trolltech, I'm officially a troll :-)

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