Friday, February 8, 2008


This week has been (so far) one of those weeks that you cannot say if it was good or bad. On the good side are the salsa lessons that started last wednesday, so hopefully I will improve my dancing skills (which are not that many, if any at all), and the fact that I finally started a cooking blog (you can visit it here).
On the not so good side we have some work related stuff that is not going as expected. Fortunately nothing too bad, but it took a big toll on me.
I also decided to go to Belgium to Fosdem. Well, actually I'm going to drink beer but my main excuse is to go to Fosdem. I will visit a monastery where they brew the best beer in the world. The strange part is that you cannot get that beer outside the monastery, they do not mass produce and they only sell it on a cafe owned by the monastery and in the monastery itself (more information here).

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