Saturday, February 2, 2008


I was thinking about naming this post "Thinking about the future" (a mirrorish version of my previous post) but in the end I realized that this is not about the future but about what to do next in my life.
This week was weird, Nokia offered to buy the company where I work and that was unexpected (At least for me). I came here for two reasons:
1. I wasn't having a good time in the US
2. This is a small company that feels just like home
Point 1 is still valid since I'm not in the US anymore, but point 2 is about to become invalid since I'll be working for a very big company.
On the personal side, things are going well. I enjoy my life in Norway and despite some minor "misunderstandings" with norwegian culture, I have nothing to complain.
So if I mix the two things, I'm in some kind of unstable state.
Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

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