Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bar stories

Tonight I had a really nice evening, and part of it was spent in a very nice bar. While being there I remembered a song from a singer named Ricardo Arjona, the song title is "Historias de bar" which in english is "Bar stories" and it made me realize that bars are probably one of the most complicated environments that you can find.
To start with, you don't know what's happening on the table next to you, maybe there is a love declaration, maybe somebody is breaking with somebody or even there could be a huge deal going on. It is such a public yet private space, anything could happen and you probably won't even notice it!
I wonder what happened around me, was there a break up? was there an engagement? did somebody close a deal? I only what happened on my table, and maybe that's all I need to know... why do I want to know what happened around me? how useful is that information to me?
Well, maybe it's just because I'm about to go back to my country for three weeks... maybe I just want to sit down and relax, maybe it is too late in the evening to write this post.... Maybe I should go to sleep.

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