Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is my fourth day in Chile. I'm here on vacations and I've enjoyed every moment. The first day I ate fish and shellfish, and I ate so much that my dad asked me if I was in prison and I was recently released or if I was eating normally in Norway. I explained to him that in Norway you don't eat that much, there is no real variety in foods and that we chileans do not know how lucky we are of having all this food available, in this quantities and so tasty .... :-) This is truly the land of plenty.
Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised with my country, it has been more than two years and my country has advanced quite a lot, however there are still some things to be improved. It really looks like a developed country up to the point when you have to cross to one of the "shanty towns". There are not many of those and you can tell that the goverment is making great efforts for improving the life of that people. If you look around, you see mainly new cars, everybody looks well fed and wearing nice clothes, there are only a few that are not having a good life. I hope this goverment and the next one can finally make that final jump and eradicate this last signs of poverty and suffering.

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