Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back at.... home?

And the time came, and I returner back to Norway. Or should I say home? I feel a strange feeling when I realize that Norway is becoming my home, so far I tried to think always as Chile being home and any other destination being a temporary stop, but now I feel that Norway is home and that I only went to Chile as vacations... It is difficult to explain it and since I've already lived in two other countries I should be used to consider home another country and not the country where I was born.... Could it be that Norway is getting into my veins? Time will tell.... BTW, I still haven't recovered from jet lag and I still wake up around 4 o'clock in the mornings, hopefully that will disappear this week.
Yesterday I went fishing for the first time since I came to Norway. I didn't catch anything but it was a wonderful day, I'm amazed of the beauty of nature just a few kilometers outside Oslo. It is even simpler than that, I just took a bus with a friend and we had to walk three kilometers from the bus stop, it doesn't get easier than that.... Probably next weekend I'll go camping to that lake, since it was really beautiful. Let's see if I get luckier this time and I catch something ;-)

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