Friday, June 20, 2008


The brain is a funny thing, it goes around looking for explanations until it finds a way to explain what it does not understand. This can be verified by reading a text with some orthographic errors and some misspellings, the brain will match each misspelling with something that makes sense to each particular phrase. This can be really helpful if everything goes well and the matches are correct, but if the matches are wrong then the thing gets way more interesting. Why all this? Well, because our brains also do the same thing regarding our feelings, since those cannot be understood it tries to match them to something it can handle and logical explanations appear where they do not belong.
Because there are situations when we are confronted with things we do not expect, or we do not know how to handle, this explaining mechanism in our brains triggers and starts finding explanations for things that should not be explained. Sometimes we have the answer right in front of us but we deny it and let our brain elaborate very complicated theories about things happenning around us. My brain has been trying to explain an event that happened to me yesterday evening in a bar, for which the answer is very simple yet my brain has refused to accept and in the meanwhile it has come with the most incredible answers. The good thing is that it is finally accepting the answer, so probably next week it will stop spinning and move forward.

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